LP Consulting is a Rapid Application Development Company.
Our goal is to build and maintain complete database and application systems for companies that require fast development time coupled with high quality results.

We have worked in industries like; Medical, Multi-Media, Film, Print, Digital Art, and Biochemical. We have solved problems such as; multi-user image access and
cataloging tools, process tracking email systems, task time tracking, automated time
based backup and archive systems, mult-relational project management systems and
web based commerce solutions.

We specialize in:

Database System Development:     
    Custom Image Cataloging and Tracking.
    Specialized Project Management systems.
    Time Tracking.
    Quality Assurance Problem Tracking.

Software Application Programming:
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
    File Management and Auto Archiving.

System Adoption and Maintenance:
    Expanding existing systems.
    Complete system re-writes.

Contact: LP Consulting - 415-609-4327